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 What is Web Site Design? Minimize

Web site design is what most people think of when they talk about Web sites - it's how the site looks: the colors, images and text that visitors see.

There are many ways to design a Web site. If you know Web design and how to code in HTML, you can do it yourself. If you don't, you can:

Hire a Web designer/programmer to design one for you from scratch
Buy a no-HTML-required Web site design software package to build your own
Start with a Web site design template and make it your own with color, graphics and text
All Software4Solution' Web Site Design packages include Web hosting and e-mail. Some also include time with a Web site design professional who will build your Web site for you.


 What are the Benefits of Web Site Design? Minimize

Web site design is your face to the world on the Internet. It will influence how people perceive you and your company.

A well designed Web site increases your credibility, makes it easier for potential customers to learn about the products and services you offer and may allow you to sell directly on the Internet.


 Differences between each type of web design Minimize
HTML website design

A website design in HTML is possibly one of the more recommended forms of website design whilst advertising online. This is purely because search engine crawlers such as the Googlebot can read the content of the website a lot easier. An HTML website design goes hand in hand with our search engine promotion techniques, although we can create search engine friendly dynamic ASP or PHP pages.
The only draw-back to a HTML website design is that unless correctly coded, it may prevent search engine spiders from actually viewing the content on the web pages when advertising online. All HTML website design from Software4Solution are correctly coded so that the search engine spiders can clearly view the content on the web pages when carrying out your internet marketing campaign.

Dynamic website design & E-Commerce Web design

When advertising online dynamic web design (database website design) such as ASP web design or PHP website design are great when developing a large-scale website. For example, if you were creating an online store where products where constantly changing we recommend you create the website design in either dynamic ASP or PHP for your internet marketing. The reason for this is rather than creating one page per product, you would just create one template dynamic page with a back-end database for the database website design. That way you do not have hundreds of pages but just one page which pulls the information form a database and display as a virtual page across the internet browser.

MandKRecruitment is a good example of a dynamic website which has its own admin panel for recruitment agency staff tasks.

You can also maximise the search engine optimisation on dynamic web pages by using website design techniques such as mod-rewrite. This website design technique gives the search engine spiders the illusion that there is hundreds of pages as opposed to just one page - this helps the spider from the search engine crawl the site more in depth, thus leading to quicker indexing of the website giving you a successful database web design internet marketing experience. The main downfall of dynamic website design is that if not done properly, as with HTML website design, it may prevent search engine spiders from viewing the content on the web pages. It is vital that you have some experience with dynamic website design or database web design to properly create an effective search engine friendly e-commerce website for your internet marketing solutions.


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