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IMTA – Installation Manual


Version 1.0

[Windows Vista and SQL EXPRESS 2005]

[Tested on Windows Vista Ultimate 32Bit]  


Intended Audience:

Installation Engineers and Clients interested in IMTA installation.


[It is assumed that any installation attempt is performed by a user who has administrative privileges on the installation computer.]



1..... Installation Step (1) Installing the Database Server. 3

2..... Installation Step (2) Configuring the IMTA database on the Database Server  7

3..... Installation Step (3) Installing the IMTA Client Application  10

4..... Launching the IMTA Application. 12

5..... Built In User Accounts. 13

6..... Post Installation Configurations. 14

7..... Troubleshooting Installation. 14

8..... Verifying SQL Server 2005 Express is Running. 14

9..... Further Support 15




Thank you for considering IMTA – International Money Transfer Agent software for your organization. Prior to installation, please read this installation manual carefully and make a note of important steps.



IMTA Hardware Requirements.

Intel or AMD based Processor running at least 1.4 GHz

Minimum 512 MB Memory installed

Minimum 1GB of free space on installation partition




IMTA Operating System Requirements.

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32 bit Versions)


1.  Installation Step (1) Installing the Database Server

On Windows Vista, the IMTA software uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as its database backend. Hence, any installation of IMTA requires the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition first.

 The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition can be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s website.

 The recommended version for download is:

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services SP3

Please note that this version contains all necessary components in a single setup file. To install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition database server, Click on the downloaded SQLEXPR_ADV.exe file.


The setup will first install some prerequisites and then will ask user to select features that are required to be installed. We recommend that you select all the features to be installed on the feature selection dialog.



Once all the features have been selected for installation the user may click next to continue. Another important setup dialog relates to the security model usage by Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. On the Authentication Mode dialog the user must select Mixed Mode, Also please specify alam74 as the sa password.



On the Configuration Options please check on the Enable User Instances and the Add User to the SQL Server Administrator Role.




The setup then displays the installation selection on the Ready to Install dialog.


The user may click Install to initiate installation. The setup Progress dialog then displays the installation progress of individual components.

Upon successful installation, the setup may ask for a reboot. The user is recommended to reboot the computer even if it is not required by the software.

2.  Installation Step (2) Configuring the IMTA database on the Database Server

Once the Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 is installed and can be confirmed in a running state. The second setup is to configure the IMTA database on the server. To configure the database, browse to the folder: 2_Configure_IMTA_Database_On_Server

And launch the Setup.exe by double clicking on it.



This will display a dialog box on the main desktop.


Click on Next to continue with the installation.

Agree to Licence Agreement and Insert Customer Information. On the Database Server Dialog, Click on the Dropdown box and select the installed Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.


This should be (local)\SQLEXPRESS


Please note that in some cases it may appear that the dialog box will contain

(local)\IMTA. If that’s the case and the user is sure that the instance name is default then user should change it accordingly. Also, the user may click on the browse button to find installed SQL database servers. See following screen shots.



Once the settings are confirmed, please click on the Next button to continue. On the next dialog click on “Complete” and click Next and Then Install to configure the IMTA database on the server.



Click on Finish to close the dialog box.


3.  Installation Step (3) Installing the IMTA Client Application

After successful completion of step 1 and 2, the IMTA client application can be installed. To install IMTA Client application, Browse to the folder:


And launch the Setup.exe by double clicking in it.



Please note that IMTA requires framework 1.1 runtime. Upon launch, the IMTA Client setup will attempt to install these pre-requisites. To ensure successful installation you must select “yes” if asked for any pre requisite installation.





After installation of these runtimes, the IMTA Client setup will display the IMTA License Agreement dialog.


For subsequent dialogs enter/select required information and Click on Next to continue and complete the Installation.


4.  Launching the IMTA Application

After a successful installation, you may launch the IMTA Client application by navigating to StartàAll Programs àSotware4SolutionàIMTAàIMTA


Click on the link IMTA and the application will launch prompting for a user and password.


For fresh installation use the special login engineer and password engineer to access the IMTA.


[You may also use USER USER for IMTA]


 Once you logged in, IMTA will require you to enter the organizational information and generate a license file. Once you have generated the license file. Please close the software and re-launch it by using the program shortcuts.



 5.  Built In User Accounts

Login : engineer
Password :  engineer


 Login : USER
Password :  USER


 6.  Post Installation Configurations

After a successful installation you may have to configure IMTA by adding agents, countries, cities, users and handling charges etc. Please refer to the user manual or the help options in IMTA on these topics.

7.  Troubleshooting Installation

Ask yourself the following questions?

Did you follow the installation steps in the order specified in this document?

Did you install the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition?

Did you configure the IMTA Database on the SQL Server?

Did you install all the runtime required by IMTA Client installation?

Also, if you have a firewall installed on your computer, did u open up the port that is used by SQL server and IMTA to establish connectivity?

Is the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 instance for IMTA is running? You can check it through Services under Control Panel à Administrative Tools à Services.

8.  Verifying SQL Server 2005 Express is Running

In the case of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on Vista. The user can use the Services option in administrative tools to verify that the service is running.

Apart from the services option the user may also launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to connect to the installed SQL Server instance. A successful connection will confirm the running state of the service.



9.  Further Support

For any further support contact software4solution via phone or email and we'll try our best to resolve your issue.




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